Monday, October 29, 2012

Cedar Trees in Idaho

Here's a picture of some Cedar trees in Idaho.  Soon there won't be much color in this part of the world.  Just snow and shades of grey.  But right now it's pretty in the forest even when the sun isn't out.  Smells nice too.

Big Arm Bay Flathead Lake

Here's a picture of Big Arm Bay in Flathead Lake.  I split up a some fire wood and did a few other chores, and then deicded to take the canoe out as the lake was calm.  Very peaceful, and I had the whole thing to myself.  I often get the feeling that I'm on the edge of the planet when I'm at Flathead Lake. Sometimes you feel like you are floating in the sky when the lake is like this.

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Sunday, October 07, 2012

Stove top at the cabin

A morning picture of the stove top we have at our fire pit in Montana.  This thing has my old man written all over it.  I still cook on this thing.. Well not directly on it..

And here's a picture of mom's eggs (and meds) inside the cabin.  The fall morning air was crisp even inside the cabin.