Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Flathead River

The Flathead River is as high as I've ever seen it. There's still a ton of snow up in Glacier Park too. The good news is that Flathead Lake hasn't flooded yet. Not yet anyway.. And heck,.. I got a mosquito bite while taking this picture. The darn bug.. Now it bugs me.. I guess I've figured out where that term came from. I wonder where the term cute as a bug came from? They're really not that cute.

I did see two ladybugs copulating the other day. That was kind of cute.. They must enjoy it or they wouldn't do it. I guess the one behind was actually a gentleman bug.. I heard on TV that reptiles don't have emotions. All they think about is food and getting warm. I'm not sure about insects. I did hear that the oxygen content in the air is why insects aren't giant. It has to do with the way they breathe and get oxygen into their body. They just can't get any bigger and still get enough oxygen. If there were more oxygen in the air they could get bigger.. So there's that.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canadian doll

Some little Canadian girl left her doll on the window sill at the wildly popular (in Canada) Tim Hortons. The line in the morning often goes out the door, and the drive through line is long as well. The little girl must have been from Calgary I thought as I took this snap.. The doll has the Calgary Stampede thing going on. When we went back the next day it was gone.

I wish we had Tim Hortons here as I'm sure it would be very popular. I like the coffee and usually bring a can back with me to the states.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kootany National Park picture

I've been in Canada the past few days and on my way home I got a little lost taking pictures in Kootenay National Park. I always feel sorry for people who are on vacation and don't get a pretty day to be in the parks. I always want to tell them to just hang around for a nice day as it's totally worth it. There are vast areas of recent forest fires, and it's really interesting to walk around in it. There are plenty of green areas too as this is a really big space.

I'll post more pictures soon.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cromwell island in Flathead Lake

I don't remember when I took this picture from Wild Horse Island looking west to Cromwell Island. I gave my sister a ride around Cromwell Island the last time I was at Flathead Lake. She told me that one time the water was really low when we were young and there was hardly any water between Wild Horse and Cromwell. I find that hard to believe but I know it's really shallow to the south end of Cromwell.

UPDATE 6-17-11 the Codger of Cromwell

Well well well.. The Missoulian reported that the codger (sportsman as the Missoulian called him) who owns Cromwell Island has groped one of his nurses.. According to the report when she told him not to do it again he reportedly said he could do anything he wanted because it was on his airplane.. Good Grief..

This is what I was getting at in the post below. Gone are the days of modesty and decency. I liked what one Missoulian commenter said:

This man is not in a nursing home and not senile. His comments make it pretty clear that his mind is working just fine. He's a rich pr##k with a major entitlement problem. I'd sue his #### too.

UPDATE: 1-12-12

The codger was sentenced to 180 days of probation, 30 days of home confinement, 60 hours of community service at the humane society, received a $5000 fine and had to pay $431.25 in restitution and issue a letter of apology.

His republican Nevada state senator friend among others issued letters of support... (one of them describing him as a "stately gentel man"..)

After all, care givers are pretty much just servants right..

Hey, I wonder if he knows Haley Barbour..?

Monday, June 06, 2011

Flathead Lake morning

A spring picture of Flathead Lake. I like this time of year. The air is cool in the mornings and somehow that improves the coffee.

I rode my bike along the shore after breakfast. It felt good to be on a bike again. I rode past many new large expensive homes. I guess I should admire their size and the wealth of their owners, but it just made me sad. One guy had a yard fitting of the finest neighborhood in town. Many places had fine green lawns actually, but this guy was spreading fertilizer or weed killer on his perfect lawn. All I could think was how out of place it seemed. How the fertilizer would end up in the lake. How no average guy would ever be able to afford to live there after this old codger croaked.

Well I guess that's just the way it is. Flathead Lake is going to end up being one big expensive front yard for the wealthy. I guess it already is. Gone are the days of Aunt Mildred in her little modest cabin throwing pots on her potter's wheel. Gone are the days of modesty.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.