Friday, February 24, 2012

Flathead Lake photo

I was recently asked to use one of my Flathead Lake photos in a magazine called Zone 4 to illustrate an article about gardening in microclimates. So my picture is in the spring issue and I think it's the first time a picture of mine has been published. I'm kind of stoked about that, and I think my mom will be pleased too. (I'm always taking pictures that don't have relatives in them and I don't think she understands why,..) Anyway, I don't garden myself, but my uncle used to have a really nice garden along the shore of Flathead Lake. My dad also knew how to grow things in Montana because they both grew up on a ranch / farm in Montana. Sadly I didn't learn anything from them, so if you want to know how to do it you'll have to subscribe to Zone 4.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gondola picture

With the exception of one weekend, it's been pretty wet up in the mountains lately. Kind of reminds me of my childhood winters in Montana. Soggy wet snow and log trucks rolling through town. Wood smoke hanging low in the air. Dark after school, and slogging through the slush on the walk home. I always wanted to wear my best sneakers to school and then I'd pussy foot along in tracks left by cars, trying not to get my feet wet..

These days I suffer through the winter skiing.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Tree skiing

One thing about skiing, it gets me outside in the mountains in the winter, and that's a nice place to be on a sunny day. Can be anyway.. I usually like to ski fast on the groomers but now and then I ski in the trees when the snow is fresh and the sun is out.