Friday, October 27, 2006

You need a dog

Why don't you have a dog? she asked. I don't want a dog. Why not? Don't you like dogs? I love dogs. I just don't want one. We have a dog, don't you like him? she asked, as the big golden retriever looked up at me. I love him, he's a great dog. If I was going to have a dog I'd want a dog just like him. Her husband looked at me and smirked. You need a dog. she said, It would keep you company. I have a cat for company and besides, I can't have a dog, I'm always going out of town. You never go anywhere, she said. I do too! I resopnded. Where do you go? I go to Montana. You can take him with you. I don't want to have to do that I responded. I don't want a dog in my car.

Why don't you have an SUV? she asked. I don't want an SUV. Why not, do you have something against SUVs? No, well... no. We have an SUV don't you like it? I like it , I just don't want an SUV, I like driving a car, it's easy to park. I've never had a car she said. You've never had a car?! I responded. No, just trucks and SUVs. You'd like a car. I said thinking I had changed the subject away from why I didn't have a dog. They're easy to park when you go shopping.. you'd love it.

You have a big yard don't you?.. Yes... You should have a dog. I don't want a dog in my yard. Why not? Because it would go to the bathroom and then I'd have to pick it up before I mowed every week and I don't want to do that. You have a cat. Yes, but the cat goes to the bathroom in a box and I can leave it while I'm gone. When was the last time you went somewhere besides Montana? I went to Park City for a week. I can't take a dog with me on the plane. I'd have to get someone to watch the dog and that would be a hassle.

Well I think you need a dog.


Anonymous said...

Are they trying to give you their dog? Very weird.

I've always driven an SUV (Jeep Cherokee of various years), but now that I have the financial means to dream a little I've been thinking about getting a car. The smart part of me wants to get a Prius. The small but vocal wild part of me wants to get a used 300 series BMW.

don said...

Go for the BMW!

They weren't trying to give me their dog, but this gal thought I needed my own dog. I didn't conform.

Anonymous said...

I browsed through a number of your entries. You seem interesting, intelligent, funny, outgoing, independent and happy. I wonder then, what could be so wrong that your friends insist they, better than you, know what you need? A dog, a girlfriend, an SUV.

At least your employer let you choose your own gift at WalMart. Good thing s/he didn't think like your friends or you would be out one scope for your rifle. Can you imagine if you were presented with a puppy at the corporate Christmas party? Which leads me to my next thought - you might want to cancel any plans for a holiday gift exchange with this couple (unless of course you think they might spring for an SUV.)

don said...

anonymous: Thanks for the vote of confidence! Also thanks for stopping in. I'm very glad my boss didn't give me a dog for Christmas, I'd rather have a frozen turkey. AS far as what's wrong,.. I guess I'm outside of the bubble.

Anonymous said...

Well, I like dogs ( I have two), and I like SUV's (we have one); but I see no reason to cajole you into getting either of these things if you are intent for good reason on not having them, even if your reason seems decidedly pointless...or not good. It is your reason, it is your yard, it is you vehicle, and it is your life. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't at all understand the insistence of this person in deciding what you do or do not need. You seem quite capable enough to decide for yourself.
It was an odd blog...but I liked it :)

don said...

I'm glad you liked it.

Jules said...

I don't think you need a dog. You already have a kangaroo. ;O)

don said...

I thought you had the Kangaroo..?