Friday, October 13, 2006

Bad service bad customer

Several years ago I went out to dinner with a bunch of people. One couple had twin boys both in highchairs. I don't know how old they were. We all sat down and it was a spaghetti place so that was what we all ordered. When the food came the father of these two little boys pushed back the table cloth where the boys were seated and dished the spaghetti directly onto the wood of the table in front of each of them. I was shocked and embarrased! I guess if you gave these kids plates and silverware they would just throw them on the floor. But what the heck? Both little boys just grabbed the spaghetti with their little hands and squished it between their fingers and then smeared it on their faces. One of them was pleased with this situation but the other one just screamed. I was thinking; what in the world does our waitress think of this, not to mention eveyone eles walking by? I'm like, no problem, this is normal...

We always hear of bad service, and it bothers me to be with people who always complain about the service no matter what. It kind of ruins the dinner or evening for me. I can kind of understand it if they actually throw your food at you, like the time I went to a company dinner, and the waitress had a plate of prime rib with lots of juice and spilled it into the lap of one of the guys, and then acted like it didn't happen. He was wearing light tan slacks and it made this big brown stain right in his crotch. It was so bad it was funny! He had a big sweater on that he pulled down low enough to walk out. Not sure if he ever got the stain out.

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