Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pesto pizza

What are you going to have? I asked. I'm going to have the fettucine, she said, how about you? I think I'll try the pesto pizza, that sounds good. The waitress came and asked us if we wanted anything from the bar. I'll just have tea, she said, and you?.. It had been a long and stressful day. I wanted a beer darn bad, but really didn't want to drink it in front of her like this. None the less I ordered a Pilsner Urquell. I figured she had never seen one and wouldn't really see it as a beer. Normally I'd just pound this down and order another. I was stressing over this date and trying to relax at the same time.

The fettucine arived before the pizza, I had finished my beer. The pizza will be a little while, the waitress said. Would you like another? I looked in her direction. Go ahead, relax. Oh what the heck, I'll have another. I took my time with it. I figured that this would be the last one I would get.

When the pizza arived it was like a big round cracker with white cheeze on it. Not bad if you like crackers and cheese.

If you could do anything over what would it be? she asked. This was the second time I could remember her asking me this question. Well, I guess I would have ordered the fettucine. I responded, not knowing exactly what she was getting at. No really! she said. Well, I guess I would have taken school a little more seriously. Do you regret not getting married? Well, If I had gotten married, I'd probably be divorced by now. That had to sting a little as she had gotten divorced, and I didn't mean to send out any darts, but I was becoming uncomfortable with this line of questioning.

Why didn't you get married? A different reason for each girl I guess. The last one wanted to spend all of my money after she had spent all of hers, and then she wanted to spend money I hadn't earned yet. Well I can understand that, she said.

There was this one girl, but I could never really talk to her. I mean I could talk to her but never really communicate with her. I couldn't see going though life and not being able to communicate with my wife. Do you know what I mean?...

I always thought maybe we should have gotten married, she said. I just looked at her and said, What would you do with me if you had me!? I don't think she had really given it that much thought.

She's better off now. She got married today.


Diane said...

Is she really better off?

She asked you "if you could do anything over what would it be?" more than once. Maybe she was wondering about the things she would have done differently.

Pesto pizza. Was it good? Was there at least pesto on it?

don said...

She is better off. She married a good guy and I think they are happy.

The pesto pizza wasn't very good, but I was really hungry by the time it got done. It did have pesto on it. The crust went a little beyond crisp and into the hard zone.

Jules said...

Ahhh, the more I know you, the more interesting your posts become. I get this one now. I didn't before.