Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kootenay River Photo

Here's a picture of the Kootenay River in Kootenay National Park BC in Canada. Queenie and I spent a day hiking in the park. The river has a beautiful creamy mineral color. It really looks like bear country, but so far the only bear we've seen in this area was right in the town of Radium Hot Springs.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Logan Pass photo

I don't remember this rock being where it is above Logan Pass back when we used ski up here in the spring. It must have fallen off of the hill above and come to rest in this location. If you click on it and make it bigger just to the left of the rock are some little things that look like sticks. Those are people on the snow field below.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glacier Park vacation pictures

Here's a picture Queenie took of me at Logan Pass in Glacier Park. She usually takes better pictures than I do. They have just opened the Going to the Sun Highway so there's lots of snow on Logan Pass. Fact is, some of the trails are closed due to snow cover, and someone died recently sliding off of the trail. We actually saw someone fall and slide a long way. They were ok but it had to smart. We didn't get on anything too steep but we did go to the foot of where I used to ski.
Here is a picture of Queenie kayaking on Lake McDonald. We stayed in Apgar campground which is on the right in this picture. We enjoyed the kayaks on Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho at Farragut State park too. We were out on three of the most beautiful lakes in the northwest this vacation. Pend Oreille, Flathead and Lake McDonald.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lake McDonald

A picture of Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park. I slipped away from the evening program to get this picture as the sun went down at Apgar campground.

Chief Cliff at Flathead Lake

Here's a picture of Chief Cliff above Flathead Lake in Montana taken from the canoe one evening. It's hard being off of vacation now. It seems like I don't get enough vacation time. Well we have a lot of pictures to go through and it won't be long until I'm back at Flathead Lake anyway.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild Horse Island and Flathead Lake

Here's a picture taken from Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake. This will make a nice addition to my Flathead Lake photos on the side bar. Queenie and I had an amazing vacation in Washington state, Idaho and ended up in Montana where we went out on Flathead Lake and then up to Glacier National Park. We went camping, hiking, sailing, cycling, kayaking and you name it. Well we didn't go to Vegas,.. but who needs it!? Of course we took many of the same pictures, but they are all slightly different. More pictures to follow.

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Do not use without prior consent.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paradise Montana

Here's a picture not far outside of Paradise Montana. Queenie and I stopped to take pictures along the Flathead River. It's a beautiful drive but there are quite a few mosquitos in that area right now,. not right here where I took this picture but along the river and also in the forest along the Clark Fork. It would have really been paradise except for them.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lake McDonald Lodge Auditorium

Directly across Snyder Creek from Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park is a building called the Auditorium. At least that's what I think it's called. I'm fascinated with these old buildings in the park. They are sort of like a window into the past. So I walked up to this building and look in the window since I've never really noticed it before. It was locked up and like a dance hall with a dusty old pool table off in its own wing with sunlight filtering in. I had to wonder the if the walls could talk, what would they say? It was dreamy actually.. All of the tourists were walking around outside looking at the lake and I was pointing my camera into this old building trying to pull something out of someone's past vacation. Maybe when I die I'll come back here in the dead of winter and haunt these rooms. I'll float up and down the stairs in Lake McDonald Lodge and sit by the empty cold fire place and have it all to myself.

I like this picture anyway. You can see my reflection taking the picture, some tourists and trees behind me, and the inside of the auditorium and outside of it beyond. I think it's kind of cool. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

This is a picture of the Auditorium with Snyder Creek between it and Lake McDonald Lodge. The pool table is in the wing with the row of windows.

Here are interior photos that I took of Lake McDonald Lodge