Thursday, February 21, 2013

Columbia Valley picture

Here's a picture of the Columbia Valley outside of Fairmont Hot Springs in Canada from my last trip up north.  I was joking with Queenie, that it seems when Canadians go somewhere they always go south..?  They never go north, and there's lots of north to go to... I'm from south of the border and I find myself going north.  The grass is always greener I guess.

When I was a kid my parents would take me on summer marathon car trips to California and such to horn in on people we were related to but didn't really know.  It would be day after day of riding in the back seat of a hot car to places where grass wouldn't even grow.  I didn't have a choice in going but to coerce me they'd give me like ten bucks to spend along the way, that is if they ever stopped the car, and a roll of film for my camera.  We didn't have air conditioning and we couldn't roll the windows down because it would mess up my mom's hair.  My Dad would say "We're in Nevada now kids!" like it was the best thing ever, and I'm thinking, did we bring enough water?  When we got back home I always wondered why we ever left Montana.

So I guess I've had a problem with going south ever since.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day.  I know you aren't crazy about this picture sweetie but it's one of my favorites.  Wishing everyone else out there a happy day too.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Camera phone pictures

So I haven't posted any skiing pictures this year yet.  I haven't been skiing with my camera that much.  I just go and do the recreational race then get out of the race boots as quickly as I can.  If the weather is nice and I haven't had too much Lange bang, I'll put the boots back on and go back out and cruise for a while.  The other morning it was really nice on the top of the ski hill so I took a snap with my phone.  It's nice to get above the gloomy fog the non-skiers have to endure all winter.

I'm going to get a new smart phone soon.  I'm going to miss this cheap camera phone though.  It's sort of like using a box camera or something.  Just have to work within its limitations and sometimes I like the results.  Below is a picture of some gas pumps I took with my camera phone that I liked.