Thursday, February 21, 2013

Columbia Valley picture

Here's a picture of the Columbia Valley outside of Fairmont Hot Springs in Canada from my last trip up north.  I was joking with Queenie, that it seems when Canadians go somewhere they always go south..?  They never go north, and there's lots of north to go to... I'm from south of the border and I find myself going north.  The grass is always greener I guess.

When I was a kid my parents would take me on summer marathon car trips to California and such to horn in on people we were related to but didn't really know.  It would be day after day of riding in the back seat of a hot car to places where grass wouldn't even grow.  I didn't have a choice in going but to coerce me they'd give me like ten bucks to spend along the way, that is if they ever stopped the car, and a roll of film for my camera.  We didn't have air conditioning and we couldn't roll the windows down because it would mess up my mom's hair.  My Dad would say "We're in Nevada now kids!" like it was the best thing ever, and I'm thinking, did we bring enough water?  When we got back home I always wondered why we ever left Montana.

So I guess I've had a problem with going south ever since.


Jules said...

It's ironic and true.. we Canadians rarely go north. Although, to really appreciate the Great True North", I suppose I should do that someday. But only if it's like reallllly north where I can actually go inside an igloo. I prefer to go wherever "high" is.. I love the mountains. Fortunately, I don't need to go far for that. I love your thoughts as a child.. and the fact that you've always loved taking photos. I couldn't bribe Thanan with a camera, I don't think. Maybe I should try someday. I still want to go to Canada's eastern coast. It's supposed to be very pretty there. But maybe once you've seen one coast, you've seen them all? I don't know. Keep coming north some more, we'll go together. :*

don said...

You've been farther north than I've ever been. But yes we should take the trailer and go north.