Friday, July 30, 2010

Schwinn Traveler

Here is the latest addition to the bicyclelog family of bikes. A 1964 Schwinn Traveler. It's a single speed with a coaster brake. I found it in Craigslist. "You have enough bikes Don!" I can hear them say.. Well I just couldn't resist. Plus it's "coppertone" (the Schwinn name for this color of gold) My favorite bikes have all been yellow or gold.
Anyway I wanted a regular bike that I could just jump on and ride without getting too serious and still be comfortable on. Unlike my beach cruiser this bike fits me more like a traditional road bike so I can cruise at about 14-16 mph and go quite a ways in comfort on it. Since I bought this bike, it's the only one I've been riding. I have a rack to put on it and I'm going to get a great big lock so I can go to the store with it and stuff like that.
"You're just trying to justify it Don!" I can hear them say.. Actually I'm just trying to find more ways to make cycling a bigger part of lifestyle

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daisy daisy

Queenie said that she liked daisies. I've taken hundreds and hundreds of daisy pictures. (I'm really not kidding,.) but I've never been that happy with any of them. Finally I got one that I think works. I guess you have to try hard to make some things work.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bighorn Sheep and Mountain Goat pictures

Here are more wildlife pictures from Glacier Park. This Bighorn walked past us while we were eating our lunch.

There were many Mountain Goats along the trail, and the one below stopped to take a look at me.

We saw a black bear along the shore of Lake McDonald but we didn't get a picture.

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Please do not use without permission.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wild Horse Island Trees

There's something magical about Wild Horse Island that makes it one of my favorite places. My favorite place perhaps.. Well, I haven't exactly been to a lot of different places,.. I've never been to Greece or Italy,. but I love being on and around Wild Horse Island. Here's a picture of some trees on the island.

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Please do not use without permission.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation in Montana

Well I've been on vacation in Montana. Not something I do a lot of in one stretch. Plus I've had a dear blogger friend to share it with, and that makes it all the better. We went boating in the canoe sailboat and motor boat, took in a play and went for a hike in Glacier Park. And of course we took lots of pictures.
My new sporty car worked well, but now I'll have to drive it back to work in the salt mines..

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Please do not use without permission.