Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daisy daisy

Queenie said that she liked daisies. I've taken hundreds and hundreds of daisy pictures. (I'm really not kidding,.) but I've never been that happy with any of them. Finally I got one that I think works. I guess you have to try hard to make some things work.


Jules said...

Wow, that photo is superb!! I totally love that.

Often, the things that are worth working the hardest for are also the most rewarding in life. :)

don said...

I'm glad you like the pic.

Diane said...

Aw! :)

Someone or something told me once that Daisies were April's flower. So now I always associate daisies with April.

don said...

We always get them mid summer. The cattlemen don't like them because they will take over a field and then you can't grow feed.