Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Other people's dogs

I've started a new section on my side bar called Other People's Dogs. I will be doing written and photo essays of other people's dogs. I've been told that I NEED A DOG , but I don't really want a dog.

Click on the Other people's dog label / link below to see other people's dogs. Woof woof.


GrewUpRural said...

The "When are going to get a dog?" question is kind of like the "When are you getting married and having kids?" question. Just absolutely annoying. I usually tell me people when I'm ready. If they keep pestering me, I tell them never.

don said...

Ha ha ha! I love it, the kid dog thing.

Diane said...


I like the kid-dog thing too!

I get the married-and-having-kids question a lot. :(

don said...

I just get the dog question. :)

The Wordpecker said...

Buy a leash, tie it to a tree and tell everyone your dog ran away and you can't possibly think of replacing it because you are so heartbroken.

(I normally don't recommend being dishonest, but "You need a dog" sounds a little misleading.)

don said...

Good to hear from you WP! Yes you are probably right, what she really meant to say to me is "you need a life!" (and a dog)