Thursday, April 05, 2007

Flathead Lake Photos

My photos of Flathead Lake
I reserve all rights to my photos, please ask before using

Dayton Bay left and Skeeko Bay center from Wild Horse Island

The view from Wild Horse Island

Sunrise on Big Arm Bay
Big Arm Bay
October sundown, Elmo Montana

Morning breaks over Big Arm bay as Canada geese fly over their winter home.
Wild Horse Island

Coming out of Skeeko bay, Wild Horse Island
Looking west into Big Arm bay and towards Elmo where the cabin is. The orange on the horizon is forest fire smoke.

Looking north towards Glacier Park.

Looking east towards the Mission Mountains in the distance as the moon rises over the lake. The lake goes behind the mountains in the foreground.
A Thistle class sailboat moored along the shore of Wild Horse Island.
A girl windsurfing on a longboard in Big Arm Bay.

Looking east out of Big Arm Bay.

Sailing to Skeeko bay to spend the night

Big Arm bay as you approach the lake from the west.

The view from my morning bike ride.

Cromwell Island and Dayton Bay.

Sometimes the sky is filled with forest fire smoke. This is Dayton bay.

The west shore of Wild Horse Island in the morning

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