Monday, May 30, 2011

Flathead Lake picture

Here's a picture of Flathead Lake from my morning kayak outing the other day. I think it was one of the only moments I was actually calm and not in too much motion this weekend. Got to hang on to that moment... Live in that moment when you're in that place where you want to be.

That's kind of a hard thing to do actually. It's sort of a moving target..

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cedar trees

Here's a picture of some Cedar trees in Idaho. They usually aren't in the water like this but it's been raining a lot lately.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kootenay National Park photos

Queenie and I went to Kootenay National Park to see the "Paint Pots" It's really beautiful there. The actual paint pots are pretty cool too.. or something... They are more yellow than Yellowstone.. But they're not exactly like Yellowstone.. More like yellow mud. Stay on the trail,.. that's all I have to say.

In contrast here is a picture of Queenie's foot taken at our Inn after a long day of paint potting.. You're probably not supposed to get IN the paint pots like I did..

The view as we hiked out of the paint pot area. It's only a 20 minute hike in to the three "pots". They don't exactly tell you that.

I liked this picture because it showed the color of the dirt/ mud... It's totally worth checking this out if you are in the park.

Friday, May 20, 2011

End times

If tomorrow is the last day on earth,as some are saying, then I'm going to be a little upset that I went to work today.. Well if I get sent to hell tomorrow at least I won't have to go back to work on Monday..

And with all of this "modern" music in church these days I think more than a few people are going to be disappointed when they get to heaven and have to sit and listen to harp music for eternity.. Cause there aint no electric guitars in heaven my friends..

Hey, that could be a country and western song!..

There aint no guitars in heaven..
Don't let them tell you there is..
If you want to crank up the volume..
Get off that that no fly list..

Um.. or something like that.. maybe it should be get ON the that no fly list..


It's Monday... Stan says there's accordion music in hell so I guess I'm just back at work..

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spokane Bike to Work Week

So I figured I'd better ride my bike to work during the actual Bike to Work Week here in Spokane. It turned out to be a very nice morning ride. There wasn't too much traffic until I got into the community where I work, and then the insanity of everyone driving cars or should I say great big trucks to work started to sink in again.

Lately there are more small cars on the road, but there are also a lot of people who drive trucks big enough to haul freight with to and from work. That's just insane.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Police report

This is why I love Montana. I picked out a few entries from the local police report. The names and places have been removed to protect the innocent..

Apparently, but not surprisingly, there was a creepy short man with missing teeth at a bar.

A resident reported that the neighbor’s rabbits are out of control “again.”

A woman on reported that a man is holding her lawn mower hostage because her niece owes him money.

A 19-year-old male admitted to driving like an “idiot” after a fellow driver tattled on him.

A cow, a red Angus to be exact, was standing in the middle of the Road. Deputies were unable to find the cow.

Two big Burmese Mountain dogs, according to a resident, are always standing around in traffic.

A man reported that he left his camera on the top of one of his vehicles and now it's gone.

A mom reported that her neighbor was filming her kids. He claimed he wanted to record them doing annoying things.

A woman complained of a local stray cat that has attacked her cats twice in the last year.

Someone said they saw a mustached man who smelled like pot riding a bicycle that was too small for him.

Someone reported hearing screaming and yelling. The disturbance turned out to be a man talking loudly on his cell phone.

A man in possession of a pot pipe explained that he did not have a medical marijuana card yet but was anticipating getting one soon.

A pack of feral teenage boys were excessively rude to the mother of one of their friends.

A 14-year-old in a purple halter top yelled and cussed at her mom.

People on Main Street were mooned by a man in a white truck.

A man reported that his wife’s intrusive mother was at his home, refusing to leave and threatening to take his T.V.

A scruffy-haired, toothless drunk was spotted driving his Buick through town.

(Hey, I wonder if that was the same toothless drunk who was seen at the bar!?. If they catch him they'll have to rush him off to the barber and dentist for treatment..)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Cooper eyelashes

It turns out I know the woman who owns this mini! I'm a little gealous too except if I owned it I'd have to take off the eyelashes, as well,. I wouldn't be able to drive it up to hunting camp like that..

Old lady perfume

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've had a lot going on. I removed some old shrubs from the front of my house and have been mowing lawns and bla bla bla..

Yesterday, I went and got my hair cut because my hair was growing like my lawn and getting out of control. So I go to my hair stylist gal, who is moving out of town BTW which sucks for me because I liked her so much. She just seemed to know what to do with my hair without me having to tell her and I was always really happy with the way she cut it.. Anyway I go there and she was busy cutting some old lady's hair so I had to wait.

Well the old lady (bless her heart) had old lady perfume on creating a strong old lady smell. My hair stylist gal got the smell on her and transfered the smell to me when she cut my hair.. I went home after I got my hair cut and washed my hair, mainly to get all of the little cut hairs off of me because that drives me nuts, but I coudln't get the smell off and had to deal with it for the rest of the day.

So there's that.. I always wonder what poor labratory animal they squeezed to make that perfume..? I think there are two kinds of perfume.. The kind that they squeeze the gland of a small animal to make, and the kind that they make out of leftover chemicals from the chemical factory. Some of it smells a lot like what I spray on my lawn to kill weeds, and some of it smells like insecticide. I noticed that mom had this sunscreen/ insect repellent. I suspect that it was made to be just sunscreen but they figured out it would also kill insects so they just advertised it as sunscreen/ insect repellent. They should make a perfume/ herbicide ..


Picture of the pictures in my hair salon above. And the message in that picture is that if your worried about getting your hair cut, bring a hat with you..? I might have to do that now that my gal's leaving..

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Flathead Lake picture

Yet another morning picture of Flathead Lake. I always take the same picture over and over. It's always a little different though. It's finally starting to warm up. Grass is growing, weeds are growing, lawn needs mowing... I'd better get going.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Calm morning on the lake

I usually like at least one cloud in the ski, and there's one about to come up in the distance.