Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kootenay National Park photos

Queenie and I went to Kootenay National Park to see the "Paint Pots" It's really beautiful there. The actual paint pots are pretty cool too.. or something... They are more yellow than Yellowstone.. But they're not exactly like Yellowstone.. More like yellow mud. Stay on the trail,.. that's all I have to say.

In contrast here is a picture of Queenie's foot taken at our Inn after a long day of paint potting.. You're probably not supposed to get IN the paint pots like I did..

The view as we hiked out of the paint pot area. It's only a 20 minute hike in to the three "pots". They don't exactly tell you that.

I liked this picture because it showed the color of the dirt/ mud... It's totally worth checking this out if you are in the park.


Jules said...

Couldn't have been more fun and funny! I can't believe the giggles that can erupt just from yellow mud!

Code 4! ;)

don said...

It's a code yellow at that place.. Not sure sandals are a good idea there, at least this time of year. But I bet it dries out during the summer though.

Quiet Paths said...

Nice photos; it looks chilly but what a view. My grandmother had a word for that color of yellow and it had to do with calves...

don said...

It was actually fairly warm in the park with little or no wind and we didn't need a coat. The snow just makes it look colder than it was.

The yellow ochre clay was pretty amazing stuff. We had a lot of fun there.