Friday, May 13, 2011

Old lady perfume

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've had a lot going on. I removed some old shrubs from the front of my house and have been mowing lawns and bla bla bla..

Yesterday, I went and got my hair cut because my hair was growing like my lawn and getting out of control. So I go to my hair stylist gal, who is moving out of town BTW which sucks for me because I liked her so much. She just seemed to know what to do with my hair without me having to tell her and I was always really happy with the way she cut it.. Anyway I go there and she was busy cutting some old lady's hair so I had to wait.

Well the old lady (bless her heart) had old lady perfume on creating a strong old lady smell. My hair stylist gal got the smell on her and transfered the smell to me when she cut my hair.. I went home after I got my hair cut and washed my hair, mainly to get all of the little cut hairs off of me because that drives me nuts, but I coudln't get the smell off and had to deal with it for the rest of the day.

So there's that.. I always wonder what poor labratory animal they squeezed to make that perfume..? I think there are two kinds of perfume.. The kind that they squeeze the gland of a small animal to make, and the kind that they make out of leftover chemicals from the chemical factory. Some of it smells a lot like what I spray on my lawn to kill weeds, and some of it smells like insecticide. I noticed that mom had this sunscreen/ insect repellent. I suspect that it was made to be just sunscreen but they figured out it would also kill insects so they just advertised it as sunscreen/ insect repellent. They should make a perfume/ herbicide ..


Picture of the pictures in my hair salon above. And the message in that picture is that if your worried about getting your hair cut, bring a hat with you..? I might have to do that now that my gal's leaving..


Jules said...

Don, that's hilarous.. you and you sniffer are so funny. I wonder if all men feel this way about perfume.

I think you'll find someone to cut your hair just as nicely, stud. ;)

don said...

Well, my Italian friend used to like to wear Pino Silvestre..