Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wild Horse Island and Flathead Lake

Here's a picture taken from Wild Horse Island in Flathead Lake. This will make a nice addition to my Flathead Lake photos on the side bar. Queenie and I had an amazing vacation in Washington state, Idaho and ended up in Montana where we went out on Flathead Lake and then up to Glacier National Park. We went camping, hiking, sailing, cycling, kayaking and you name it. Well we didn't go to Vegas,.. but who needs it!? Of course we took many of the same pictures, but they are all slightly different. More pictures to follow.

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Do not use without prior consent.


Jules said...

Some things are just moments to cherish for a lifetime. It seems like all our moments are like that, this trip was no exception. It was all wonderful. My count of lucky stars has reached 373... that's one for each day we've shared. :*

Gorgeous photo, I think better than any of the ones I took at that spot. I'll have to take a look at all the pics tomorrow.

don said...

Thank you sweetie it was a really nice time