Sunday, July 03, 2011

Lake McDonald Lodge Auditorium

Directly across Snyder Creek from Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park is a building called the Auditorium. At least that's what I think it's called. I'm fascinated with these old buildings in the park. They are sort of like a window into the past. So I walked up to this building and look in the window since I've never really noticed it before. It was locked up and like a dance hall with a dusty old pool table off in its own wing with sunlight filtering in. I had to wonder the if the walls could talk, what would they say? It was dreamy actually.. All of the tourists were walking around outside looking at the lake and I was pointing my camera into this old building trying to pull something out of someone's past vacation. Maybe when I die I'll come back here in the dead of winter and haunt these rooms. I'll float up and down the stairs in Lake McDonald Lodge and sit by the empty cold fire place and have it all to myself.

I like this picture anyway. You can see my reflection taking the picture, some tourists and trees behind me, and the inside of the auditorium and outside of it beyond. I think it's kind of cool. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

This is a picture of the Auditorium with Snyder Creek between it and Lake McDonald Lodge. The pool table is in the wing with the row of windows.

Here are interior photos that I took of Lake McDonald Lodge


Jules said...

I think that is one of the coolest photos I've ever seen, no joke. The way the reflection is making the room look like it's open to the forest around it.. it's amazing. I think I could stare at it for hours. I love the "ghosties" already there (the tourists). Walking in as if the walls are pass through. Too cool!

I'd have been peeking into the windows with you.

As for haunting the place.. I think people have to be there for it to be considered haunting. Otherwise you're just residing there.... ;)

don said...

Thanks! The picture did capture what I was thinking as I looked in. I took a shot just to get that pool table. The pool table was more dusty looking IRL however, but I realized it was working in an outside of the bubble kind of way.

Quiet Paths said...

It is a very neat photo. I really like those old buildings. Wish the consigns would take better care of them...

don said...

I like the buildings too. I'm not sure they have the money they need to really take care of them. Queenie and I plan to stay in the park soon.

Quiet Paths said...

No, I'm sure the park doesn't have the funds to do it. Dial Corp certainly does but I guess that's not their responsibility.
We stay at Apgar Campground in the Fall when we go up to the Park. We really love the lake.

don said...

It really is a beautiful lake, as are Bowman and the others. If I had more time I'd visit them all again.

My mom donates money to the park. One year they sent her this huge printed budget that outlined how they spent all of their funds. They are pretty responsible with what they get to work with. Not sure about the consessions.

We rode the free bus system to the top of the pass. That's the way to go as it reduces traffic parking and wear and tear on the road as well as your car and gas consumption. I wouldn't mind paying something extra for that service. It does reduce your photography chances on the way up and down though as you can only get off at the switchback.