Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bach and Beyond

A couple of weeks ago I heard about this CD on NPR. Gabriela Montero Bach and Beyond. She improvises on Bach. I liked what I heard so I went to Barnes and Noble to see if they had it. They didn't have it and had to order it and then I found out that they would have to burn one for me. Today it came in. I haven't listened to much of it but so far I like it.

The odd thing is that if you know the theme and are familiar with a piece then it might be a problem. I don't think it will be for me as it is so well recorded and I haven't listened to enough of it yet to know. I know that I can listen to the same classical piece performed by two different people and I'll like one and not the other because I'm used to hearing something played a certian way. But it has to be really familiar.

When I was a little kid my mom used to play the piano after my sister and I went to bed. One of the things she would play was Chopin Etude No.3 in E major Op. 10 (you'd probably know it if you heard it) I got used to the way she played it, and it bothers me if someone goofs around with it too much.


Anonymous said...

I've become addicted to KUSC, the classical music station in my area. Except they have a tendency to play opera on the weekends, which I'm not fond of but am learning to like. :)

I know exactly what you mean; it's amazing how the same sheet music can produce two different pieces of music depending on who is playing, the instrument they are on, etc.

I need to listen to more Chopin. When I was learning piano most of the stuff I played was Bach and Beethoven. Actually, there's a grand piano I have access to that I should start practicing on. It would be a great stress reliever!

If you haven't seen "Unleashed" yet, with Jet Li, I would recommend it. There's a beautiful Mozart sonata featured in it.

don said...

That is cool that you play. I like some opera but not all. I guess it is like anything.

I envy the music choices you must have on the radio now. My digital cable has quite a few choices but no celtic. (?)

I haven't seen Unleashed, but I went to the movie site and watched the trailer. It looks like a good one.