Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The time of darkness

After I lost my old surround sound system to a lightning strike, I finally bought a new one. Pretty much the same Onkyo except newer. I got it home and it was fine with the CD player but I hated the way the TV sounded through it. The sub-woofer kept timing out and turning off. Plus it had this terrible echo. Today I went back to the store and they sold me this optical audio cable and told me how to plug it in. But when I got home my cable box didn't have an optical out on it. But it did have regluar outs. So I used those and it sounds great now. I was using the audio outs on the back of the TV. I had it plugged in wrong. I'll return the optical cable tomorrow.

There was a cold wind blowing tonight. Soon it will be time to set our clocks back. Who's idea was that? I vote to leave the time alone. The time of darkness is upon us. This is the most boring time of the year. Can't do anything outside after work as it is too dark and cold out and the ski lifts aren't running yet. It's the reason I wanted to get the sound system going as this is when I'll be watching movies and listening to music. I guess the upside is that the time of lawn care is over.


Oberon said...

........i love that retro kitchen.......we had one just like

don said...

Thanks for stopping in. You have a cool blog. Great photos also.