Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cyber cedars

One of my friends is taking me up to the lake in Montana again this weekend to retrieve my truck. I use it to launch my boat during the summer. Last weekend I drained the water out of the motor of my boat to winterize it as it has been freezing at night now. I also need to cover it up for the winter. So we will go up there probably make a fire down by the beach at night and talk things over.

So my mom calls me tonight from Montana where she lives. She is going to drive up there on Sunday morning to give me a birthday present. She asked me what I wanted and I told her I wanted a flashlight. So a flashlight I'll get.

Then I find out that she is bringing up her neighbor girl to the lake for me to meet. She wants to hook me up. Anyway I'm like, ok cool. This gal lives across the alley from my mom and they have become friends. They trade vegetables with eachother, and my mom recently showed her how to can dill pickles. I guess she has a masters and teaches at the U at least for one semester. Then I think she wants to go over seas. So the quest to find don a female friend continues. She sounds interesting to me.

Man, tonight I watched a show on HBO called the Journalist and the Jihadi. It was about Daniel Pearl. It was very sad and telling. I admire journalists like Pearl and Politkovskaya who bring us the truth despite the danger.

The photo is the latest addition to my cyber tree museum. Cedars along Two Mile Creek from my trip last weekend. They always grow in deep shaded forests along streams. They are cool places to explore.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy Birthday!

I hope your mom's friend turns out to be a better blind date than the last one!

don said...

Thanks! Mom's friend was really cool.