Tuesday, October 03, 2006

10,000 white corn tortillas

I'm thinking skiing! I bought my season ski pass the other day at Schweitzer and got a discount for buying early. It cost me the equivalent of 1200 cans of Coca Cola from the pop machine at work, or about 250 gallons of gas at today's prices. Or I could buy about 10,000 white corn tortlillas with 0 grams of trans fat, no lard and no colesterol. (to put the cost of an early season pass into perspective.) It's still a good deal compaired to Park City or Big Sky. That would cost me over 20,000 white corn tortillas, And I just can't afford that!

They keep using the same photo (above) for my pass that I posed for a few years ago when I bought early. At first I wanted my sun glasses on but they wouldn't let me. I bet I'm the only person with my helmet on in a pass photo. But I think they all know me now. Park City has the cool passes that you just walk by a thing and it reads your pass and a gate opens. They call it Fast Tracks and I think you have to pay extra for it. If you are racing it allows you to go in a different line and perhaps not miss the start of the race by standing in a long lift line. I had one of those , and it also knows how many days the pass is good for. Nobody has to swipe your bar code. We are so far behind the times up here. Perhaps I need my season pass implanted in a chip in my forehead. That way if I got lost they could just scan it and take me home. Just kidding, but it does remind me of a TV show I watched last night.

I watched Dr. 90210, and I was totally disgusted. This "doctor" "enhanced" a pretty young girl. I was very saddened by this. What the heck? She was happy with it. But it was a shame what he did to her at her young age. She was beautiful the way she was. What a creep, this guy.

It just shows you what is wrong with our medical system. Here is a trained doctor who is doing this sort of thing to pretty young women for bucks and there are lots of people who can't afford to see a doctor in any respect.

Anyway when ski season starts, I'm going to start a new blog related to just skiing, and mostly one aspect of it. I'll still blog here for regular nonsense.


Diane said...

We do live in a weird world.

I was driving down the street the other day and saw not one, but four cop cars and one fire truck arrest a (probably homeless) guy who was digging through the trash. Granted, the city likes to have a clean image, but four cops for one old guy? Seems like overkill to me.

Some of the things you see here are so surreal. You will see decadence -luxury overkill- and povery in the same city block. I had my car fixed in a rough part of L.A., and it's bizarre to be in a safe part of town one moment and in a not-so-safe part of town the next. The face of the city literally changes. Some of the people are like that. They are clean, healthy, and physically attractive, but then they will say something or do something, and the tone of their voice, the gesture they make, will tip you off that they are not good people. One SoCal boy told me that people here are truly ugly.

Off the subject, if you want to talk about luxury overkill check out some of the rich guys in the Middle East. Someone told me that one of Saddam Hussein's sons had a gold toilet in his palace.

don said...

Yes, there are differences in people from different places around the country, and world for that matter. Of course there are good and bad folks everywhere. But I think I know what you are talking about.

I had an art prof. who came from SoCal, and he had some storries to tell about the cops down there.

Diane said...

Any interesting ones? You do realize there are several cops who live in my apartment complex, and while I've been told that all cops are perverts, it'd be nice to have examples.

don said...

My impression was that my professor used to be a hippie/student in the late 60s (and probably somewhat of an activist) and from what he said the cops would not respect their rights. Drag them out of bars and Beat them up and that sort of thing if they had long hair and such. Probably there was a lot of political unrest down there with the war going on and riots and all. It was a different time.

Interestingly this guy went on to teach in Utah, I want to say BYU but I'm not sure. He also said that the Utah students had a really good work ethic, unlike ours at U of M :) Nice guy, I really liked him.

Here in Spokane, we have Mark Fuhrman of the OJ Simpson trial fame with a talk show on a local radio station. He is somewhat of a redneck. He was on the LAPD. My impression of him is that he thinks everyone is guilty of something.

When the City of Spokane passed a bicycle helmet law, he thought it was a good idea so that the police could use it to pull people over who weren't wearing helmets and pretty much shake them down. That tells me something about the culture he came from.

I haven't heard about the LAPD being pervs though.