Sunday, October 08, 2006

Faking it

Last night I went to north western Montana to meet a friend who set me up on a blind date of sorts. It was pretty cool actually as blind dates go. She was good looking and friendly and all. I didn't want to drink anything as I had to drive down a no tolerance highway to get home. So after drinking my glass of water, I ordered a non-alcoholic beer. The girls were drinking wine and my friend was drinking beer.

It was good to see my friend as I hadn't seen him for years. The place was packed with people when I got there. The down side was that a blues band started playing after a while. There wasn't any place to dance and honestly who is going to dance to the blues?. And they were very loud, so the place started to empty out. But we sat there and screamed at eachother.

I could hear my friend's wife as the frequency of her voice cut through the "music" And I could hear my friend, pretty well and I could kind of lip read them. But I had trouble hearing my "date". Her mouth was pointed across the table at my friend and his wife. She started to tell this story about a dog on an airplane (she works for an airline) and the dog went to the bathroom on the plane. That was about all I got out of it, but the story went on and on for quite some time. I couldn't really tell what was going on so I just started to fake like I knew what was going on. They would look at me an and laugh and I'd smile and nod and so forth. I kept expecting the story to end but it went on and on and on, and soon I was completely in the dark about it except that the dog went to the bathroom on the plane.

For a while the sound of the band and the sound of them all screaming at eachother started to get to me. I really wanted a beer. I started to fixate on my friends glass of beer. I came to a realization. THIS is why people drink at bars!

When I got back to my cabin I popped open a can of beer. Then I went out on the deck, sat down and looked up at the moon.

On the trip over to Montana I took some photos in a deep canyon in the mountains. The sun finally came up over the ridge above. It got light at around 7:00 but you don't actually see the sun until around 11. It is kind of a hard place to take photos as the highway is right there along the river. I dont' want a photo of the highway, but it is a beautiful place this time of year and I was there at "first light". This is where the St. Regis River meets Two Mile Creek.

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