Sunday, October 01, 2006


It's roundup time in Montana. These cows need to be moved off of the range and to better feed. I noticed that they got moved to a place where the grass was greener. Then when that runs out they will have to be fed hay and that gets costly. Thankfully for the ranchers, it has been raining warm, and things have greened up here and there. All the cowboys and girls come together from different outfits, and help eachother out in this effort.

I like the way this gal looks on her pony. (notice the little cow dog in front of her doing it's job too, and loving every minute of it, if you click on this photo and see it bigger you can see the dog's mouth is open.) And this gal brings to mind a song,..

rain and wind and weather,
hell bent for leather,
wishin my gal was by my side...
All the things I'm missin,
good vittles love and kissin,
are waiting at the end of my ride.

I'll stop right there :) The gals are by their side now.

I'm afraid if I lived in cowboy country for any length of time I'd trade my bicycle in on a horse. I'd have to get a horse trailer of course. I already have the old Ford pickup.

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