Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gondola picture

With the exception of one weekend, it's been pretty wet up in the mountains lately. Kind of reminds me of my childhood winters in Montana. Soggy wet snow and log trucks rolling through town. Wood smoke hanging low in the air. Dark after school, and slogging through the slush on the walk home. I always wanted to wear my best sneakers to school and then I'd pussy foot along in tracks left by cars, trying not to get my feet wet..

These days I suffer through the winter skiing.


Jules said...

I like the image you expressed through the words almost more than the gondola photo, though that one is cool too. At first when I saw it, I thought the scratches in the plexi-glass were erratic snowflakes. Then I realized they were scratches.

As kids, we always want to save our cool stuff to display in front of our peers at school. Did you want to wear your cool shoes in order to impress everyone else, or was it just to please yourself and feel good intrinsically?

don said...

I wanted to be cool and comfortabe all day once I got to school, but also I didn't have a lot of other choices. I've always had like one pair of decent shoes to wear.