Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canadian doll

Some little Canadian girl left her doll on the window sill at the wildly popular (in Canada) Tim Hortons. The line in the morning often goes out the door, and the drive through line is long as well. The little girl must have been from Calgary I thought as I took this snap.. The doll has the Calgary Stampede thing going on. When we went back the next day it was gone.

I wish we had Tim Hortons here as I'm sure it would be very popular. I like the coffee and usually bring a can back with me to the states.


Jules said...

Wildly popular, indeed! Go there during rush hour and you're waiting for half an hour for sure.

This is totally typical Calgary Stampede wear!

don said...

I'm not that into fast food or coffee places but I'd go to Tims if we had them here.