Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spokefest photos 2010

Here are a few of my Spokefest photos for 2010. I took a lot of pictures as usual but I decided to post just a couple. It was a beautiful day for Spokefest once again. I've been on all three Spokefests and they've all been great!

This guy was riding a 1959 Schwinn Corvette, and like many old hot rods it's been modified with a derailleur hanger on the rear dropout. When he rode up on me I heard this squeaking, and I said to him, "it needs oil,.." with a smile. :) he assured me that it was the saddle that was squeaking. (I'd oil the saddle then.. I can't stand a bike that sqeaks,.) None the less it was a sweet ride and he gets bicyclelog best bike male rider award!

Here he is letting it fly! It has drum brakes of all things.

The girl on the right is riding a vintage Fuji (I think it was a Fuji anyway, as I got a brief look at the head badge) mixte frame women's road bike probably from the late 70s. No top tube and notice where the rear brake is located. She gets the 2010 bicyclelog best form award. Not only was it a really cool vintage bike that looked great with her riding it, but her attitude riding style was great as well. That bike is probably as old as she is and I think that's really cool. She told me that her bike does what it needs to do, or something lke that. There were a lot of nice bikes and fit riders on this year's Spokefest, but without question, she was getting the most out of her bike and rode with the the most style.


Jules said...

Looks like you couldn't have asked for a better Spokefest day. Beautiful weather, interesting people, nice things to look at. It's great that you took part in it this year again.

don said...

Yes, for three years in a row the weather for Spokefest has been perfect. That's kind of amazing actually.