Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nathan and his octave mandolin

I logged into blogger on my laptop after I got back from Montana to make a blog post only to find out the browser was too old to continue to work with Blogger,.. so I switched to my desktop and then I couldn't get the pics off of my Nikon because the operating system on it won't read the new SDHC card.. It seems they are doing everything they can to keep me from blogging... and it's actually working... Anyway I finally got the pics off of my camera.

I stopped to get gas for my lawn mower in Montana and I noticed the guy behind the counter had what I thought was a really cool Weber Mandola. So I said "nice mandola." As it turned out it was an octave mandolin and Nathan gave me a very nice little concert on it. One of the highlights of my weekend actually. He's really good. Inspires me to practice more.


Jules said...

You can certainly see his love for it in his expression and the way he holds it. How lucky for you to have been on the receiving end of that interaction!

don said...

Yes it was inspirational