Monday, April 01, 2013

Flathead Lake spring photo and copy right issues

It's happened again.  Someone has taken my pictures and used them without asking, without credit and without a link back to me.  I do understand fair use.  However I do retain all rights to my photos and don't allow them to be used without prior consent and conditions.

So we will see what kind of response I get from my request to have my photos taken down and I will report on it depending on how my request is met.

Here's the first picture of Flathead Lake that I've taken this year.

Both sites that I recently found that had my photos posted without my permission, credit or link back agreed to remove them.  Bad on them for posting them to begin with but, good on them for removing them per my request. 


Jules said...

Ohh, that one turned out really well! It was a beautiful morning. I shouldn't have gone back to sleep.

don said...

Yes got to get you to be more of a morning person, it's the best part of the day I think.