Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Sold our old house

My mom finally sold the old house I grew up in.  So after the garage when everyone else had left and the house was empty, I walked around alone and took some pictures. Above is the view outside of my bedroom window.  As luck would have it a vintage school bus came from out of nowhere and into my picture, as if to take me away.

Here is what it looked like inside my bedroom.  I never had that plant thing over the window BTW, that's something my mom put up in there when she used this as a guest bedroom.  I used to hear the rain on the roof and listen to the wind in the trees from this bedroom.  In the 1930s the  original roof burned off and they gave the house a different roof line.  It also lost it's lap siding and a pointed spire.

There was a stairway from the upper floor to the back yard.
I looked around in each empty room before I walked out of the house for the last time. It had a personality with sights sounds and smells all its own.  In the morning sun would shine through the beveled glass and make rainbow colors on the floor and walls.

Our house, was a very very very fine house.. I hope its new owners value it as much as we did.  I'm really going to miss it..


Jules said...

Awww... I'm feeling sad... that's such an emotional post. I'm very glad and honored that I was able to make a few small memories there with you and your family while it still belonged to your mom, and I will forever love listening to your endearing, funny, or even strange stories of the life you lived there, HB. I love your history there, it's a very beautiful house and you have very wonderful memories in it.

Camp Candy said...

Ok. This just broke my heart a little.

Camp Candy said...

Ok. Thjis just broke my heart a little. The school bus made me happy though.

Quiet Paths said...

It is a very fine house. It's great you documented some of the rooms.