Friday, August 02, 2013

Aristocrat in Kootenay Park

I loved this picture Queenie took of the Aristocrat Travel trailer as we decended into Kootenay National Park.  And who knows, perhaps this old trailer has been up here before way back in the late 1960s.  

Queenie and I met up there so she followed along in her car and we talked on the little family radios as we drove along together.  It didn't take too long to move from one camp to another and it was nice to have the car to go on longer trips out of camp.  Plus it was a nice safety factor to have the car in the event the truck or trailer broke down, which thankfully never happened. 


Jules said...

While some people think that taking separate vehicles is a bummer, I think it's fun how we do it, with the radios and stopping here and there along the way. Taking pics of the trailer was fun.. even though I shouldn't do that while driving. Can't help myself sometimes. :) I think our system works well.

don said...

I think that's a great pic of the trailer!