Tuesday, December 31, 2013

So this is Christmas

This is how we deal with Christmas when it's over at work.  Just put it in a box and take it out back.  Have someone put it in the furnace room when they get around to it..  We don't even bother to take the ornaments off of the little fake tree..

I used to think we should celebrate Christmas every four years like the olympics to keep it special but when I suggested that idea to a co-worker he pointed out that we wouldn't get a day and a half off that way.. Good point.

I really enjoyed being with family and friends but for some reason the Christmas spirit doesn't enter me at work.

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Jules said...

I can't imagine why around there. I really think the tree needs to be better tended to.. the poor thing's losing its decorations. Aww. Poor beads.

I lol'd at the celebrate it every 4 years thing.