Monday, February 03, 2014

Pictures from around Radium and Fairmont BC

Here is a picture of the village of Radium and some trees on the hillside at Redstreak.  I always want to call it Red Steak for some odd reason.. If you click on the picture of Radium you can see where we stay lower center with a sort of a rounded pointed entrance.
And below is a picture of the hoodoos outside of Fairmont Hot Springs BC.  There's a Fairmont  Hot Springs Montana too..
What a lovely winter weekend it was in British Columbia.

I retain all rights to my photography.  Please do not use without permission.


Jules said...

Awesome photos, as always. I lol'd at the Fairmont Hot Springs Montana comment.. reminded me of the Banff Alberta Canada Montana thing on CBC. Too funny.

don said...

Yes I thought the same thing. But there really is a Fairmont in Montana. Wonder where they got the idea?..