Monday, March 10, 2014

Mid Century coolness

I've been thrifting as usual.. I just don't have enough old stuff, so here are my latest finds.  My mom had a set of this stardust flatwear and I've been looking and looking for a set but its sort of hard to come by.  I found this spoon at a thrift store in Montana.  I like spoons with holes in them for making poached eggs, and this one is perfect for the travel trailer.  One of my favorite things for breakfast is poached egg hummus and pita.  I fish the egg out of the water with a spoon like this, and this one has cool stardust holes.

Also I picked up a set of mid century wall art ducks to go with my similar pheasants.  There is only one duck in this picture, but there are three matching ducks and I have two pheasants.  All three ducks have their wings in different positions. I was pretty stoked when I found these ducks! You can check out my pheasants at this link.
mid century wall art pheasants 

Also I picked up this mid century lamp at an antique mall which goes nicely.  It wasn't exactly cheap but that's just it.  It isn't cheap, it's well made and you can have one two or all three of the lights on. I'm going to have the ducks fly around my Monte Dolack Suburban Refuge print (which I picked up framed for $5 in a Canadian thrift shop) and I'm going to use the lamp as a studio lamp.  The ducks and the lamp will be nice additions to the Gochenour collection.


Jules said...

I'll keep my eye out for the stardust stuff for the trailer house too, but it's hard to come by here as well. The duck and the lamp go great together!

don said...

Yes the lamp looks like some sort of mid century modern wetland plant.