Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Spokane melt down

I didn't think I'd ever like to see the so called "Pinapple Express", the warm winds coming in from the south pacific, as it usually melts the ski snow, but this year it was a welcome event. Eastern Washington state got 77 inches of snow in the last couple of weeks and it was just too much all at once as 16 inches is normal for this time of year. For a while I could barely get in and out of my neighborhood with my truck chained up. My car was useless as it was just too low to the ground. It didn't seem to let up. As recently as Monday we got another 6 inches or so of wet snow. Since then it has been melting and everyone is happy. Now most of the roads are bare and wet. I went up on our roof at work to clear out the drains yesterday and there was a lot of snow ice and water up there. Lots of flat roofs like that have been falling in. Today I went up there and there was no snow and just a little water and ice. It's been an amazing transformation in just two days. This weekend it is going to cool back down and that will freeze up the ski hill and make a nice solid base.


Diane said...

Are you getting rained out?

don said...

It has rained, but not like western Washington where flooding is a problem. Here in eastern Washington the melt down hasn't been as bad as I would have expected.