Saturday, October 03, 2009

Outhouse picture

I finally painted the old outhouse. I didn't really want to because I liked the way it looked, but everyone else thought it was an eyesore. It took me a while to paint it because I kept stopping to take pictures, and once I start taking pictures I just loose control.

I should take pictures of nothing but outhouses.. I thought as I took pictures of the outhouse. That's crazy, I thought.. Then I thought, they should give cameras to crazy people and let them take pictures of anything they want.. Withhold their medication and just let them go crazy taking pictures..

How do they detirmine when someone is crazy? I wondered.. "What's the diagnosis Dr.?.." "Well I'm afraid he's gone crazy.." "We'll have to put him on medication.."


Diane said...

I like the image of peeling paint. That's something you can't fake.

One wedding reception idea I've heard is to buy a bunch of disposable cameras, decorate them with wedding stickers and such, and then scatter them on the tables at the reception and let guests take photos. Have a bin where people can leave the cameras when all the photos are taken.

Then develop.

Something tells me the view of a wedding reception is vastly 'different' from the perspective of a disposable camera and some highly creative and/or mischievous guests.

don said...

That's a good idea. Could get some good images that way, and totally different perspective. I used to buy disposable cameras for bike tours. Now I just take a cheap digital.

Diane said...

The cheap digital probably takes nicer photos than the disposables.

Jules said...

The determining factor is if when they do give the suspect crazy person a camera and they do nothing but take photos of outhouses. Thank God you take scenic photos too... or you'd for sure be committed! But really, I like this photo... the rusty nails, especially the bent one, hold my attention.

don said...

:) I got laugh out of that one Jules!