Monday, September 28, 2009

Leftover chicken

"You were on the edge when you were younger Donald." said Mr. C. "Well,.." I started to wonder if being on the edge had a different meaning from generation to generation,.. "Admit it Donald!" he went on to insist.. Well I guess you might look at it that way.. Mr. C. being one of the only people to call me Donald.

You know that chicken you get in the grocery store? They cook two kinds baked and fried. The fried kind has this golden brown breading on it. 8 piece.. and they grab it with tongs and put it in a paper box. When they grab, I count. Could be doing the slide of hand as they move pieces around to get you the right eight.. Plus what if they give you one drumstick and three thighs?! That would just be wrong, and under that breading how can you really know?

If they were to segregate the chicken when they cooked it instead of when they served it, they could save time I thought, and much more of the breading would stay on the chicken..
After the first day if they don't sell it they put it on a black plastic tray with plastic wrap and sell it cold. It starts to become less golden and more brown. And it would be one thing if they lowered the price after the first day, and I guess they do a little, but if you ask me it's worth paying more for first day chicken unless you like your grease dry..

Who doesn't own a swim suit?.. Isn't that a little dysfunctional? I thought as we looked around her apartment complex. I wanted to get in the hot tub with this girl, and she really was on the edge, unlike me of course..Plus she had a great body, perhaps a swim suit was a little to square for her?.. "I can wear some shorts" she said. Shorts and a T shirt. She really was pretty, but she could be really ugly too. She had a problem I never fully understood. When she was straight she was sweet and hot, kind of like that mustard,.. but when she was messed up she was like split pea soup, the little girl in the Exorcist. The contrast was hard to imagine. One moment she would straighening my collar and tell me how nice I looked, and the next moment she was barfing pea soup and her head was spinning around 360 degrees. (not sure how many degrees in Celcius)

I pulled off the highway at night and drove into a small town to get some things at the grocery store. As I walked up to the store all of the people seemed edgy to me. But then I thought, I'm one of the edgy people too. We are all edgy at this store or we wouldn't be doing our shopping this time of night. After I got my things I went up to the counter to pay. Behind me in line came this woman. A woman from my past. I glanced at her. Is that her? I asked myself.. It is. It has to be. She glanced at me but we both did a good job of not noticing eachother.

She had a package of leftover chicken on a black plastic tray, the golden breading shrivled and brown. She could just throw that in the toilet when she got home I thought. It could save a lot of effort. "They have a good deal on soup" I wanted to say..


Diane said...

Wow. Great post Don! This post reminded me of so much . . . .

My mom used to work at Smith's grocery in the bakery. Sometimes after school I'd go over and get some fried chicken from the deli.

I'm not sure what it is with grocery store fried chicken, but they are all like that. Golden breading under heat lamps in a deli case. Then if they don't sell they get moved to black trays with clear plastic over them. And then it becomes some kind of weird comfort food. Eating cold fried chicken from a grocery store.

The rotisserie chicken is a little better. At least the leftovers don't seem so pathetic. They make great chicken soup the next day.

Good swim suits are hard for girls to come by. The one I have is more for sunning and not for swimming. Maybe since things should be coming on sale I can find one of those suits that surfer gals like so I can go swimming in the sea.

I ran into an ex once in kind of the way you mentioned. It was at a movie theater. The one from high school. I remember seeing him, and I knew he clearly looked at me and probably recognized my parents. He did a good job of ignoring me, and I tried really hard to ignore him. But inside I wanted to point and scream "You!"

don said...

This chicken was probably the only thing she'd eaten all day. She didn't look like she'd take a lot of comfort in it. It was probably so she woudn't drink on an empty stomach.

I guess Costco has really good rotisserie chicken from what I've heard. I've never had it.

Jules said...

Well, they say when it's chicken involved, strange things happen. No they don't... but it seemed to this time around! It must have felt so awkward, meeting up like that, and trying to make it appear like you were both invisible.

I rarely go for the fried chicken. I almost always choose the rotisserie one. Though we have Costco here as well and I've never had theirs. I have to go there tomorrow, maybe I'll pick one up for supper. Or should I get soup?

360 degrees... LMAO!! Nutter!

don said...

She was a ghost from my past so I couldn't see her but I knew she was there. It was scary.

I don't know, I've never had their soup. I don't have a Costco card. The nearest one is too far away for me to want to go there.