Saturday, September 05, 2009

Glacier Park Photos

Here are a couple of more photos from Glacier. This was taken on my way back to Logan Pass from Haystack on the highline trail. I think that's Mt. Clements. I've skied both of those peaks in years past early in the season when there's snow everywhere and you don't have to worry about hurting the plants. (they frown on walking off of the trails when there isn't snow on the ground.) We'd climb to where the snow meets the rocks above. I'm not sure I'd have the nerve to do it anymore. You can't see it from below but there's usually a big gap between the snow and the mountian rocks at the top of those snow fields, and you could fall in there and not get back out.

(it's Mt. Reynolds. Thanks! I get those two confused.)

I'm not sure what these plants are called. I've never noticed them before. In case I've discovered a new plant, I named them Wild Hippy Hair Weeds.. They were doing the Hippy Hippy Shake in the wind.

This is a picture of where Snyder Creek comes into Lake McDonald. It was so hot I swam in the lake to cool off. If I really wanted to cool off I'd get in the Snyder Creek water coming into the lake. It was like turning on the cold tap.


Anonymous said...

It's Reynolds, next to Clements.

don said...

Thanks! I think you're right.

Jules said...

Mmm... wow!! incredible photos. I LOVE the hippie weed thing! Not sure how you couldn't have noticed THAT before, though, Don!

So for that swim.. are you in the habit of packing around your trunks in case of an overheating emergency, or when in this situation, do you just skimpy down and swim?

don said...

I might have seen the Wild Hair Hippy Weed, when it was in bloom and it looked different but I don't remember anything looking like this before. It was hard to get a picture because of the wind. They kept doing the Hippy Hippy Shake.

(um, that's a song)

I knew I'd be in the water. It was around 90 F, and who knows what it was C...?!

so I had my trunks in my pack and snuck into the woods to change as there were a few people around. I ended up wearing them the rest of the day and went swimming several times to cool off.

Jules said...

So... safe to assume you don't wear a speedo then, if you stayed in them the rest of the day.

umm... "for goodness sake"... I know the song, silly! ;O)

90F is about 32C... which means hot. So I can see why the swim was in order!

don said...

That's like the boxers or briefs question..

When I swim, I wear trunks.

32 seems cold to me..