Thursday, August 19, 2010

Riding the Schwinn Traveler

I rode my Schwinn Traveler on my lunch hour today. I even got a compliment on it yesterday! :)

There's a bike path that goes along a golf course down to a lake. Along the path there are several park benches where I can stop and eat my lunch. I put a triathlon style water bottle holder on the back of the saddle, and it works well. Got to have water to wash my lunch down with! I'm loving this bike.


Diane said...

I'm digging that copper color!

Jules said...

I'm happy to hear you're getting out on your bike more often.. lucky guy, to have such a beautiful place to ride during your break time and on such a nice bike, too!

don said...

Diane, in the Schwinn catalogs that color was called "Coppertone" like the tanning butter back in the 60s that used to magnify the sun's rays, and had no sun screen whatsoever in it.

Jules, Yes, it seems like there's never enough time to be on the bike like there was in my youth. One thing I noticed is that I had the whole bike path to myself. I only saw one other kid the whole time. Despite all of the nice bike paths, most people here prefer SUVs and golf cars.