Monday, October 25, 2010

Family of trees

I was taking pictures at an overlook in North Idaho of these trees, and this other guy who was out taking pictures too came over and asked me what I saw.. "just these trees.." I responded. He looked at me kind of puzzled.

I could have said, "I see a family of trees,. the grandfather tree in the front, the mother tree on the right, the father tree on the left and the children trees in the middle, and the community of trees that they live in, off in the distance."


Jules said...

I see what you see. When this screen loaded on my laptop, I didn't realize there was a second paragraph, so before I scrolled down I started naming them myself. We see things almost exactly the same, except I didn't make the grandfather tree to be that (I put it as a memorial tree for all the family that had passed on). I love the photo and I'm glad you stopped to take it!

don said...

Thank you Jules!

I guess the grandfather tree could have also been a grandmother tree but it was a little to rugged for that.

I thought it was funny that the guy said "what do you see?" when he came scampering up with his camera. He was really asking for it.. :)

Diane said...

Aw! :)

I've missed your Miss Cyber Tree specials every month.

don said...

Oops, I forgot about that label. There, I fixed it.