Thursday, November 03, 2011

Bone nut for my Martin D16

Last week I drained the water in the cabin so the pipes wouldn't freeze this winter. Then I stopped at Paradise Montana to meet with Rick who agreed to put a new bone nut on my Martin D16 guitar. I don't think he usually does this sort of work as he's busy building beautiful guitars, but a rancher friend of mine turned me on to him, so I think he's doing me a favor. Anyway, it was making a weird sound on the high E string when played open. So a new bone nut is in order. I can't wait to get the darn thing back as this issue was keeping me from playing that guitar, and it's really my best guitar. You'd think that Martin would have cut the nut better on this level of guitar but I guess nut.,, I mean not..

Got my guitar back and the problem is solved. So now I can get to know that guitar better as it pretty much sucked before Rick fixed it.


Diane said...

Looks like you're ready to head out on the water after getting the guitar back!

don said...

It would have been a nice day for it in the morning as Flathead Lake was glass calm, but I just brought one of the kayaks back with me in case I wanted to go out somewhere this winter.

Jules said...

I can't wait to hear you play me something once it's all fixed up! I'm sure he'll do an amazing job.

I love how your block heater cord looks. ;) Enjoy the kayak around home. But think of us when you use it. :)

don said...

I'll have to get used to winter first as it's really cold now!