Monday, November 14, 2011

Vintage Camper

Don't you wish that some things would never change?.. I love to camp, but I'm not a big tent camper. Don't get me wrong I have a small tent, and I like it unless it rains. What I really like is camping in a vintage camper, from the 60s or 70s. There's just something about them that is different than the new campers. There was an economy about them and well, the price is a lot lower now than a new camper, I couldn't begin to justify the cost of a new camper or a new pickup truck for that matter, but I don't think I'd enjoy a new one any more actually. The systems in the old campers are simple and work well. Of course nothing lasts forever.

Last weekend I took my pickup camper hunting and I was snug as a bug in a rug in there as the weather closed in around me. The sun came out after the storm and it was beautiful in the woods for a while. But another weather system moved in and I think winter is starting to take hold of the mountains in the northwest. I really like the way the picture above captures the snow coming down. I was looking through all of the pictures I took on this trip and this one really stood out to me.

The sun came out the next morning and it was really beautiful in the forest. But the weather didn't last very long and another storm system moved in.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I highly enjoy your blogs. I am from Monatna now living in the big bad east of NJ. Currently I am wrestling with why I am here and not there. I would just like to thank you for a slice of home every week until my heart and my head figure out what to do. P.S. my first kiss was in one of those ridiculous truck campers..oh good times.

don said...

Well I'm very glad I can provide you with a look back home, you're welcome here any time. I can't imagine moving back east, but I guess like me you had to go where the job or school was.

I know it's a big leap out of the nest for a native of Montana to leave the state. I did it too, but I didn't get that far away. It's hard to know where life is gonna take you, and then you wonder how the heck you got there.

When I was a kid my parents would take us on vacations in an old travel trailer (not that old at the time) to California and other parts, and when we got back home I always wondered why we ever left Montana.

It doesn't hurt to see how the other half lives, so it's probably a good thing to get away for a while. You'll always be welcome back home when you're ready.

Jules said...

Your camera really did capture the severity of the snowfall well. I'm glad you had a warm and cozy place to be with a ton of happy memories.

I don't know though... sometimes change can be a very good thing.. if it's the right sort of change for the right reasons.

Memories and holding onto things that are considered dear to us are great things that don't require change though. I think it's wonderful that you've breathed new life into the camper and that you were able to go out to camp with it again once more this year. :*

don said...

I guess change is the nature of everything. I look at an old trailer house or camper and wonder about all of the things that happened in there. All of the places it went. All of the people who used it. All of the times it sat empty.