Monday, December 12, 2011

Ask first

Back in 2006 I went out on the bay as the sun came up and took this pic with my little point and shoot as I drank coffee and fished and made this THIS POST as a result. Someone used the pic on their blog without my permission and didn't give me credit. So I thought I'd share it again with you. I do reserve the rights to all of my pictures, and I have a vast archive.

I also had Seeing Bears on my side bar for a long time and due to this I'm going to put it back up over there.

I don't mind at all if people open up the pics and look at them, that's what I post them for, but please ask first if you want to use one for something or if you want to post it online. I'll leave it there for now and stop short of linking to the blog that used my picture until they have a chance to remove it.

I've been in kind of a bad mood lately and this isn't helping..


The blogger removed my pic at my request. And the water calms...


Jules said...

There is ABSOLUTELY NO excuse for this... period. You take hundreds of photos, thousands... and you post your finest and I'm sure it really angers you to find that someone has stolen your photo and taken credit for it himself in his comments when another blogger told him he posted nice photos.

There is a blogger code of ethics and this guy waaay overstepped the boundaries here. But it appears that his entire blog is made up of pics from all over the place, stolen just as he did with your photo. I hope he gets approached by shutterstock or some of the artists who have copyrighted their photos and gets sued. Sorry if that seems drastic but like I said before, there's no excuse for stealing. If you get caught stealing a piece of art off a wall in a gallery you get your consequence, do you not? This is no different and if that jack*ss is reading this comment, he'd best get his ducks in a row because more people will notice that eventually and depending on how long you've hoofed someone's graphic for, you could receive some majorly hefty fines.

Ask and you shall receive is a better policy to live by rather than just take now and don't even ask later. Jerk.

I'm really sorry that happened to you. I think you're being overly nice NOT linking directly to his blog so that everyone who views, supports and appreciates you can go crap on him.

I'm thoroughly disgusted at this and I'm very sorry it happened to you.

don said...

Well, I contacted wordpress and asked to have the picture taken off that blog. We will see if I get any response. It's an active blog.

When you take a picture you have the rights to it. It goes without saying. Especially on a blog like mine.

I do search for my pictures online though and I found one other one used one time. This one touches a little close to home though. So I hope wordpress does take it down.

Hey if the guy or gal wants to come to Flathead Lake, I'll take him or her out there and let them take all of the pics.

Quiet Paths said...

I simply don't understand people doing things like that. Weird.

Quiet Paths said...

I just have to ask what you think... didn't this guy know you'd see your own photo eventually? What were you supposed to feel.. flattered? Sheesh. OK, I'm done now.

don said...

I might not mind if I knew about it first and got a photo credit or a link back to the original post, but I'd want the chance to make the call.

This person's post and comments took ownership of the photo, and it took the picture out of the context inwhich I posted it. I guess that's what bothered me about it.

To their credit they did take it down per my request.