Monday, December 26, 2011

Headstock tuner

Well I got what I wanted for Christmas,.. A head stock tuner.. A pretty cool little thing. Man I wish I'd had one of these back when I was out on the road, but the technology just didn't exist. When I was in orchestra the conductor would tune us all to an old strobe. I can see why he did that now.

A 440... and for my Canadian friends, 440, A?


Jules said...

Wow! What an excellent gift idea for you, A? ;p

don said...

I could use a few more of these. I'm amazed at how much I like this thing.

Quiet Paths said...

Sweet! I just bought 10 snarks for our upcoming ukulele class next week. Everyone seems to like them.

don said...

Queenie got me a Snark also. I think it has a little better resolution than this Crafters does but they both work fine. So now I can have one on my mando and one on my guitar at the same time.

They are great things to have, and you really can't have enough of them.