Thursday, June 28, 2012

Boat trip to Wild Horse Island

I made my first trip to Wild Horse Island recently. I beached the skiff at Rocky Beach and while I was there some people came in and hit a big rock under the surface with their ski boat. Man it made a loud bang. It's always so nice being on Wild Horse Island.

I came upon some bucks in the velvet. These deer are going to have some impressive racks this fall when their antlers fully develop. A storm moved in so I had to scamper back down the hill to get off of the island and back to the cabin.

The weather can change quickly on Flathead Lake, but my skiff is a very safe boat for its size.

Here's a picture looking back at Melita Island and the rain behind me as I raced home to out run the storm. Melita Island is just south of Wild Horse Island.


Jules said...

Where to start on this post?

I love the photo of the beached boat. Was the climb to the top far more demanding there?

The deer photo is really really great. I'm so glad you stalked them to snap that moment. I'm sure you got several great pics there.

Lastly.. I'm glad you left when you did, based on that storm! But how did you take such perfectly level photos while racing back to the cabin!?

don said...

It's more steep there but it isn't too bad. It's a much quicker and shorter route.

I had to rotate the Melita photo .5 degree, but the one of the bow of my boat was totally straight from the camera. I didn't even crop it and that's why I liked that picture.