Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Brown black bear

Here's another picture of a black bear with a brown pelt, that I took in Canada last weekend. I just rolled down my window and snapped a few pics and then went on my way. They look slow and awkward but they can run really fast and can be on you in seconds. Plus I didn't want its filthy paws (and claws) on my nice clean lilly white car... This one looked pretty mean, but I've noticed that when you get close to bears they all look sort of artifitial. This bear and one other one were feading on dandilions. Who knew they ate dandilions? It wasn't growling, it just had a mouth full of dandilions.


Jules said...

I have a really good snap of some bighorn sheep eating dandilions too. I had no idea they were so scrumptious either.

Great photos, HB!

don said...

Not sure if people are supposed to stop and take photos or not but I couldn't resist. Guess it's ok if you take one, don't feed them and go on your way.