Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New year's resolution

Well I'm glad to see that last year end.. In some ways it was the absolute worst and in other's it was the best.  The trip with Queenie to Glacier was without question the best part.  It was amazing and I'll never forget it.

I'm always glad to put Christmas behind me because of all of the hype.  Sorry to be that way but I guess I'm just burned out on it.  Maybe if they did it like the Olympics, every four years..

New year's was cool in Canada,.. but after I got home I got really sick, lost my voice and am now on antibiotics.  2013 has been a total drag as I've been sick every day of it so far.  I didn't think it could be worse than last year but the way it's starting out, who knows?  I woke up yesterday to several heavy wet inches of snow to shovel to get out of the driveway, then got stuck at lunch trying to get back into the driveway.  Coughed my butt off with the snow shovel both times.  Then today I woke up to the road being plowed which was a good thing except my driveway was plowed in.. My mom called before work at just the wrong time and couldn't hear me because I don't have a voice..

I won't go into the whole work situation. Quality people can be very unforgiving..  All in all I'm not in the best mindset. What's my new year's resolution? I guess loosing weight is a safe bet at this point,. I think I'm down about 10 lbs already.


Julie R said...

Happy New Year, HB. It breaks my heart that you're down there, ill.. and I'm not there to take care of you. Every cough you have slices through me as a painful reminder of that.

We did have a great 2012, and 2013 will pick up. We all started it off sick. It will get better though. It may prove to have some challenges, but we shall conquer them all.

don said...

That's a good outlook!