Tuesday, December 18, 2012

R.I.P. Jake

My header dog Jake had to finally be put down last Friday.  He just got too old to walk.  He wasn't my dog, he was my friend's father's dog, who adopted him.  Then when the father died Jake went to my friend.  And now he's gone to that place where all good pets go when they die.

He was a good dog.  He didn't jump on people, he wasn't out of control, and he didn't bark very often.  He measured his barks.  He was a friend to all who met him. Too bad all dogs aren't more like he was.

R.I.P. Jake. 


Jules said...

Awww.. bless his soul. I know he was a very loved pooch. He greeted me with a happy smile and wagging tail.. happy buddy. Now he can keep Spunky and Manny company in pet Heaven. Rest well, Jake. Bless.

Saimnicy Kim said...

Bless his soul.