Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Flathead Lake picture

Ok so I found my photo (above) of Flathead Lake on someone elses blog again.  I think it's the same guy who had taken it before and moved it from Wordpress to Blogger.  I first posted this picture back in 2006.  I've asked that the photo be removed from his blog and we will see.

I retain all rights to my photos.  Please do not use any of my photos without permission.

The original post is Seeing Bears on my side bar..

I guess it's been one of those days..   


Jules said...

Unbelievable!!!! I never thought that would happen again.. with the same photo... and the same guy (possibly)?!!? What the heck!!

Makes me wonder where my photos have ended up without my permission.

I'm sorry to hear this, HB.

don said...

It's most likely the same guy as he had someone else's photo with it that I remember. I'll share the blog with you if he doesn't take it down.

I always search for my pictures. In some ways this makes me want to stop posting and stop blogging.

Jules said...

If you do stop posting and blogging, please keep your blog... just make it private.. it's an important part of our history...

Quiet Paths said...

Eiyeee, can't believe that. I am sorry to hear this. But please don't stop blogging. It's such a gorgeous photo. Thanks for sharing it again.

don said...

Thanks, I just put it back up to so he knows it belongs to me.