Thursday, November 01, 2012

Aristocrat Travel Trailer

Here's a picture of our 1968 Aristocrat travel trailer on it's happy summer parking spot.  I'm pretty sure it is a Mainliner model based on what I can see from the Tin Can Tourist website.  They have the exact floor plan in a Mainliner publication.  This one looks like a Loliner from the outside though.  It has the dropped axle and it's low to the ground, but it's not like any Loliner I've seen on the inside.  It doesn't have the lowered center floor and doesn't have the kitchen in the center.  The kitchen on this one is in the rear and it has a toilet room with a recirculation toilet.  Having the toilet is a big bonus in the middle of the night when camping in bear country..

Anyway this thing is a pleasure to camp in.  There's plenty of room to lounge around and lots of windows to look out of.

I miss camping season already. What a care free thing to do.. I just can't get enough of it.


Jules said...

<3 our little camper. It looks so cool sitting there.... wishing we were in it right now as I look out and see snow and nothing but grey skies and leafless branches.

don said...

Yes we could hear the wind blowing and the waves crashing in. Very cozy.

Mike Daley said...

Hi Don. We love your picture of the Aristocrat trailer. We just bought a 1968 Mainliner (we think) and want to fix it up to look just like yours. Where did you find parts for it, like lights, or other stuff?

Mike and Julie

Mike Daley said...

Hi Don,
We love the pictures of the trailer! We just bought a 1968 Aristocrat Mainliner (we think) and are looking to fix it up. Where did you find parts, especially running lights and stuff like that. We've been scouring the Internet for more information, trying to identify what we have. Do you have any other pictures? Yours is the first trailer that looks exactly like the one we bought.


don said...

Hi Mike,

If you type in Aristocrat in the blue blogger search bar on my blog all of the pictures of our trailer come up. There are also some if you do a search for Glacier Park in the blue search bar.

Vintage Trailer supply has some of those vintage parts, but a lot of stuff is hard to find.

Tin Can Tourist has a section on Aristocrats and there is a floor plan for a Mainliner in there which is very much like our trailer with Kitchen in the back as well as an optional toilet room.

My parents had a Loliner and they have a lowered section of the floor in the center. And I don't think Loliners ever had a toilet room. Plus the kitchen is on the side in a Loliner.

Good luck with your trailer! I think they made a very good product back in the day.

don said...

I think I got the metal roof vent from e trailer. It's a ventline. and you can see the steps of replacing the vent on my blog.

You'll have to copy and paste that into your browser. It's a good idea to replace them and it isn't a bad job. Eventually they all start to leak somewhere around the putty tape and will goof up the panneling inside.